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you said the s word

why would someone poop in someones soup

my password is mohamed_1  

come play this game and why are the people naked

how can poo come out of peoples heads

long neck people

this game reminds me of eating har and someone haring on my head

i want to download this game but how

i love this game but how do i download it thats the reason why i asking this


There's Poop in my Soup- 4:39
i know this is a really old game but i enjoyed my self way too much!

This was a wonderful and silly game to play! Reminded me a lot of Muddy Heights but from a different perspective.

I loved the controls, the way you had to guide where it would land and the sound effects was just phenomenal! I couldn’t stop laughing because seeing people running into poles was hilarious. 

I made sure to link back to this game page as well as the STEAM page. 😊 Thanks for making a wonderful game!

Thank you devs for creating such a fabulous and entertaining game!! We are a bit late to the party, but we enjoyed every moment we spent playing this game!! 

This game got my depressed friend laughing hysterically. Thank you for making it!

Pooping at everyone

Самая какашечная игра))))



HAHA amazing little game to fill some time , had a blast making a video :)

Bombs away, it's coming down from above, look out for cover and hide your soup, its "There's Poop in My Soup!"

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Hey everyone! The official game releases today on Steam so make sure to check it out! I did a lets play which includes one of the new levels: Hong Kong!


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Trick shot montage? NAH, TRICK-SHIT MONTAGE

Haven't been on in a while but this was the first game I stumbled upon when I came back and I instantly knew what I needed to do. This game is so funny and cute I can't wait to see what else is thought up for this game!

I did a lets play of the game if anyone is curious! I creep around sites like this often so if you want to see fun indie games check out my channel and maybe even subscribe!


HAHA! Had a blast playing this!! Great work! Hope it turns into a full game!


YES ! Thank you

Haven't played it yet. But judging by the name and art. It MUST be good haha

Thanks !! . Hope you like it , check Youtube for videos and please VOTE for us on Greenlight.

fo shizzle